About Infule

Here's our historical timeline on how infule came into existence.

Beginning of time
August 26, 2008

Maven Websites Was Formed

The economy started to tank and brought to a close Jason's photography company. After photographing over 50 weddings a year leading up to 2007, in 2008 Jason's photography company, PhotoDreams, booked 1 wedding. Scrambling to make a living for his family,  Jason went back to his computer science background and started Maven Websites.

January 26, 2011

Hired By Colorado Mountain RV

We mention this date as it is a vital date for our company. Jason met with the owners of Colorado Mountain RV to chat with them about SEO for their RV Dealership. After leaving the meeting with a handshake agreement, we started SEO services for our first RV Dealer.

March 18, 2011

RV Web Services

After three months of SEO services, CMRV wanted more. They hired us to completely take over their web service and SEO. Thus we started the process of building version 1 of our RV web service and we went live a couple months later.

December 21, 2011

Infule was formed

After working for over three years as Maven Websites, we wanted a new and cleaner name to incorporate everything that we do. Instead of a company name that has "Websites", we were searching for a name that was powerful, easy to remember and one word. Oh, and the .com had to be available! After many, mind numbing hours of looking, Jason wanted infuel, but it was taken. So taking a chapter out of Google's book, we switched the letters around and came up with infule. And the .com was available :)

Where we are today